The Real Jackie Of All Trades!

I'm enjoying spending many happy hours doing something I love, loving it all from the comfort of my back office from my tablet and access it, literally from anywhere in the world with a wifi!

TV Presenter & Online Broadcaster

Marketing & Social Media Management

Video Production & Film Editing

Serial Entrepreneur & A Blogger

BSL Consultant for Media & Television.

Online Business Consultant

Start Up & Workshop Coach

Application & Website Developer

A Chef & Entertainment Planner.

Legal Caseworker & BSL (Law) Relay Interpreter

I blog about all kind of stuff as well, mainly about stuff I get up to or encountered every day! I will share my news, my stories, my thoughts, my views and my rants! :-)

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My Deaf Biz Hub Collections
For Most Of What Spare Time I Have Left, I Enjoy Providing Services For My Clients

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Deaf City Hub
Deaf Biz Hub
Deaf Start-Ups
Deaf Village
Deaf TV Hub
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Deaf Design Studio
Deaf Radio
Deaf Classroom
Deaf Jobs List
Deaf Millionaire
My Biggest Love Is Deaf Start-Ups
.....And Here Is My 2016 Students Stats!
Bronze Students
Silver Students
Gold Students
Lazy Students
Do You Want To Be A Gold Student & Get A Blog Like This? Well, The Good News Is....
Deaf Start-Ups Is Back With A New Class of 2017
A Much Bigger And Mega Better Than Class of 2016!
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  • How To Get Celebrities' Endorsements & Watch Your Income Soar! - Seriously, Celebs? Yup!
Proud Deafie, Magnetic, Controversial and Hilarious!
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I have always wanted to be a writer, I love writing and I have thousands of articles written in different stories, subjects and topics, but unfortunately hearing people will mock and make fun of me if I make any attempt to write a standard article. A level expected from the school of Creative Writing and Journalism. So I've decided to write it in BSL!
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